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Godfrey. Central Frontenac. Ontario


Hinchinbrooke Hills Farms


Discover the rustic charm of Hinchinbrooke Hills Farms in Godfrey, Ontario. Our family-operated farm celebrates the simplicity of sustainable living with our standout "Rent a Summer Chicken" program—your chance to experience the joys of chicken rearing seasonally. We're proud purveyors of farm-fresh eggs and providers of weaner piglets, hatching eggs, poultry, and fowl, supporting fellow small farms with top-quality, local livestock. Join us for a genuine slice of farm life where quality always comes first.



Community Supported Agriculture ( CSA) is a shared system where customers form a relationship with the farm so you have a secure sense of who and where your food comes from. Customers pay the full price of a share at the beginning of the season which allows us to purchase the necessary seeds and equipment needed to produce the highest quality yields. In turn, customers get to eat local, seasonal, and delicious produce from Mid June - Mid October 




Experience the charm of farm life with our

Rent - a - Summer - Chicken program. Perfect for families and aspiring homesteaders, this unique adventure brings the joy of collecting fresh, free-range eggs right to your backyard.


We equip you with everything you need: three egg-laying hens, a secure, mobile coop, and comprehensive care guidance. Dive into a summer of feathered fun and fresh food with ease and confidence!


I signed up for the Hinchinbrooke CSA to support local and to get some cool produce that maybe I wouldn’t normally get. One month in and I am so happy I did and am so pumped to get my bag every week. Awesome quality, amazing service, great variety. Nothing but praise for the job Hinchinbrooke has done so far. Can’t wait for the next delivery!!!

Having grown up in the city, I never had the opportunity to be around chickens very much. I never knew how sweet, funny and charming they are! I also never knew how much better fresh eggs are than store- bought. Hinchinbrooke hills farm took care of all the heavy lifting and spoiled us with this amazing experience- we didn't have to worry about anything and they were always available to answer any questions. We hope the girls can come back and hang out with us again next summer!

I couldn't be happier. I had never done anything like this before so it was a bit of a risk for me. As it turns out, it was well worth it. The product is absolutely high quality, you can tell a lot of love and attention has gone into every bit of produce they send out the door. Ive been eating healthier then ever. It encourages me to try different recipes, different pairings. It truly helps you appreciate just how much work it takes to grow good quality product. Amazing work, keep doing what you're doing. You've found the secret sauce here

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