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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture ( CSA) is a shared system where customers form a relationship with the farm so you have a secure sense of who and where your food comes from. Customers pay the full price of a share at the beginning of the season which allows us to purchase the necessary seeds and equipment needed to produce the highest quality yields. In turn, customers get to eat locally, seasonally, and deliciously all growing season long. We use circular farming methods - using our animals and natural resources to compliment our land and soil. This creates unique growing conditions and higher yields.

All of our produce is harvested, washed, and packaged on the morning of - to ensure fresh, quality product from our farm to your table.

While we're pausing our CSA program for the 2024 season, our commitment to providing you with fresh, quality produce remains. Keep an eye on our social media—we’ll announce when specialty items are available straight from our fields, so you can continue to enjoy the freshest flavors our farm has to offer.

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