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Free Range Poultry Farm


Considering applying to keep chickens this summer? We've gathered the questions we see the most to help make the process as hassle free as possible. We are here to help every step of the way to please don't hesitate if you have any further questions or concerns.

What if I lost a chicken - or a chicken dies?

We try to provide you with the best means and knowledge neccessary to keep your chickens - unfortunately sometimes loss or death of a chicken can and does occur despite best efforts. Firstly - its OKAY - it happens. Each renter pays a $50 deposit in addition to the rental cost and this is to cover any potential loss. If all hens are returned at the end of the program the $50 is returned to the renter. 

What about predators like racoons, skunks, coyote, etc? 

The coops are built with heavy duty chicken wire on all side as well as the bottom to prevent anything from digging underneath. As long as the door and laying box are locked correctly each night there should be no issues. We will show you how to correctly lock the coop and put the chickens to "bed" during our drop off demonstration.

Can I let the chickens out? 

Once we drop the chickens off at your house - we ask that you keep them inside of the coop for 3-5 days until they are used to their new surroundings. After that - you will be able to let your hens free range and roam. We encourage supervised free range time and always at your own risk. The hens will naturally go to roost at dusk ( put themselves to bed)  so all you have to do is lock up.

What if I have a dog?

Dogs are great ! We just ask that you introduce them in a slow,  calm, controlled environment - until they are used to each other. Dogs usually become protective of the birds over time.